2021 Summer School Program Student Application

Use the provided links to apply for one of the summer school programs. If there are any questions, please contact the program director through your local principal.

BLENDED Scholars Academy: June 7-30, 2021
Program Director:  Dr. Kimberlynn Weston

Level: Elementary (Grade 3-5) and Middle (Grade 6-8)
BLENDED Scholars Academy (English Learner Summer Enrichment/Title III):  June 7-30, 2021
Program Director:  
Dr. Evelyn Hall
  Elementary (Grades 1-5), Middle (Grades 6-8), and High (Grades 9-12)
VIRTUAL Literacy Camp:  June 7 – 30, 2021
Program Director:Dr. Myisha Warren & Ms. Shaun Thompson
 Elementary (Grades K-2)
VIRTUAL STEMisLIT(erature) Summer
Program Director:  
Mr. Alvin Glymph & Dr. Brenda Jones
  Middle (Grades 6-8)
BLENDED Serendipity:  July 12-15, 2021
Program Director:  
Mrs. Emmika Atkinson
  Elementary (Grades 1-5) and Middle (Grade 6)
BLENDED Advanced Placement (AP) Bridge Camp:  July 12-15, 2021
Program:  June 15-26, 2020
Program Director:  Dr. Martha Donovan
Level:  High (Grades 9-12)
Girls Who Game
Program: June 7 – July 1, 2021

Program Directors:  
Andrea Wright and Vashonda Davis
  Middle (6th – 8th) during SY21-22
Registration Link: Girls Who Game Summer Program

2021 Summer School Program Student Application

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