Microsoft Summer Passport

Microsoft will facilitate a series of free virtual workshops that will motivate students to stay engaged June 6, 2022 – September 2, 2022. Scholars will participate in a wide range of digital-skill activities to learn, stay connected and have fun. Students can earn badges after learning content and completing challenges on a variety of topics (ex. coding, learning tools, virtual visits). Closed captioning options in other languages will be provided in all sessions. Please see below for descriptions of the sessions.

Passport badge Categories:

Discover: Explore the wonders of this immense and majestic land. Scholars are invited to go on their own journey of discovery, one in which you will uncover the natural riches and environment of this great continent. Students will learn about Africa, world cuisine, building a legacy, and the importance of digital citizenship.

Creativity: Scholars will learn the basic steps and skills to start their own business: brainstorm potential business ideas, create an outline for a business plan, and consider how to market, manufacture, deliver, and finance their product or service. A separate Creativity session will teach students how to create a stop motion animation film.

Museums: Scholars can take a field trip to the Smithsonian museum without leaving their home. Our virtual tours allow your child to discover ancient fossils, learn the milestones of space exploration, or explore the depths of the ocean.

Make Code – Arcade: Microsoft gaming workshops give students a behind-the-scenes understanding of video game creation. They will have so much fun that they may not even notice that they are still learning and building valuable digital skills.

STEM: STEM workshops for every age and ability level are available. Whether your student is ready to learn the basics of coding or create their own app, these exciting courses will refresh and advance their STEM skills

Travel: Your student doesn’t have to travel to learn about different areas of the world. Take a virtual trip around the globe with our fun workshops and explore using Bing 3D Maps.

For more detailed information including registration and the calendar of events, please visit the Summer Passport Sway or click the image below:

Summer Passport to Digital Fun

All participants will need a device that can access the internet and web-based applications.

For more information contact, Andrea Wright, DCSD STEM Coordinator, via email at or via phone (678) 676 – 0240.