Microsoft Summer Passport

Microsoft will facilitate a series of free virtual workshops that will motivate students to stay engaged June 7 through July 1, 2021 (Tuesdays and Thursdays only). K – 12 scholars will participate in a wide range of digital-skill activities to learn, stay connected and have fun. Students can earn badges after learning content and completing challenges on a variety of topics (ex. coding, learning tools, virtual visits). Closed captioning options in other languages will be provided in all sessions. Please see below for descriptions of the sessions.

Passport badge workshop descriptions:

STEM and coding missions: There are STEM workshops for every age and ability level. Whether your student is ready to learn the basics of coding or create their own video game, these exciting courses will refresh and advance their STEM skills.

Explore Museums: Take a field trip to a Smithsonian museum without leaving your home. Our virtual tours allow your child to discover ancient fossils, learn the milestones of space exploration, or explore the depths of the ocean.

Journey Around the world: Your student doesn’t have to travel to learn about different areas of the world. Take a virtual trip around the globe with our fun workshops and explore using Bing 3D Maps.

Game on – Make Code: Our gaming workshops give students a behind-the-scenes understanding of video game creation with Wonder Woman and LeBron James! They will have so much fun that they may not even notice that they are still learning and building valuable digital skills.

Get Creative: Whether your student is interested in storytelling or photography, our creative workshops will teach them how to use Microsoft tools to bring their imagination to life.

Community: All communities can benefit from young people who want to make a difference. These workshops help students learn the basics of everything from entrepreneurship to community organization.

Individual workshops that can earn them badges:

Smithsonian Hall of Fossils:

Travel millions of years to the past without leaving your home.

In this workshop, students ages 8+ are transported to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History right from their web browser using 360-degree interactive imagery. By the end of the workshop students will have:

  • Explored the Smithsonian’s famous “Hall of Fossils” in 360-degrees virtually
  • Learned about natural history in the Jurassic age
  • Completed a fun virtual discovery hunt throughout the museum

Smithsonian National Zoo

Discover the many wonders of the scarcest species in our world; journey through the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) to learn about the global efforts to save species from extinction.

  • Learn different types of conservation status studied at the institute.
  • Explore the natural wonders of over 20 different species from vulnerable animals to those extinct in the wild.
  • Research and study like a scientist with fun activities.

Space Jam: A New Legacy coding workshop

Discover how video games are made and learn how to code your own game inspired by Space Jam: A New Legacy starring LeBron James and Bugs Bunny. By the end of this ninety-minute workshop, students eight and older will have learned:

  • What the key elements of a video game are.
  • Which STEAM careers and skills are involved in game design.
  • To design basic elements of their own game.
  • To create a video game with block-based coding.

Make Hustle Happen Start your Own Business or Champion a Cause

Learn from key NFL talent on how to follow your passion, start your own business, and create positive change in your community. In this free virtual two-hour workshop, students thirteen and older learn how key NFL identities “make hustle happen” through side businesses, following their dreams or collaborating to serve a cause they care about. Participants will brainstorm ideas for their own side hustle or supporting a cause, then create their action plan. By the end of this workshop, students will have:

  • Researched and decided on a small business idea or a social issue to support
  • Turned an idea into a clear and executable action plan
  • Built a toolkit for school and home projects using Windows 10 tools.

Chaos Maze inspired by WONDER WOMAN 1984: A learn-to-code game with MakeCode Arcade

Inspired by WONDER WOMAN 1984, coming to theaters, Wonder Woman is in the Smithsonian Museum and she needs to collect artifacts before time runs out. In this free virtual experience, learners eight and older use block-based coding to design and code their own arcade game to play online. If you’ve never coded before and want to learn this is the experience for you. By the end of the experience, students will have:

  • Learned and used key game-design and coding concepts
  • Coded a playable game
  • Published their game via a URL so they can continue to play and develop it after the workshop

Coding: Tynker Solar System

Students will have fun being creative while they use block coding to program a moving model of the Solar System with Tynker. Explore some fun math and science concepts and maybe even add an alien or two on their planets. Students learn coding using basic concepts to make their own unique Solar System model. By the end of the workshop, students will have:

  • Learned basic block coding concepts
  • Use their imagination to create and customize their own unique Solar System that they can continue to build on long after the session ends and share with family and friends.

Coding: App Lab

Learn to design and build their own app using fundamentals of JavaScript with block-based coding. To save and access their app after leaving the workshop, students will need to have an email address. They’ll explore how to come up with an app idea along with practice key coding fundamentals needed to build apps. The App Lab tutorial is designed for students thirteen and older. Because it allows students to upload custom sounds and images, younger students should not use this without supervision.

Create Your Own Story

Participants will learn how to create a story using Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. They’ll explore the latest version of these Office apps, including using drawing tools, selecting and sizing images and icons, creating backgrounds, and changing fonts.

Digital Photography Fundamentals

Explore and learn digital photography concepts by taking and editing photos and creating your own stop motion animated video.

Create a Difference in your World

Participants research and identify a cause they care about in their local community and create action plans to volunteer and get the word out about their personal cause. Learn to research areas of interest. Develop personal passions and understand new ways to make connections with others. Gain new skills with applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Bing, and Photos.

Start your Own Business

Learn how to turn your passions into an entrepreneurial business idea. Get guidance on how to create a business plan and a polished pitch ready to share with others.   Learn what makes a great product or service idea. Complete a simple business plan. Learn key presentation skills to be able to pitch their business idea.

Journey to Australia

With the power of Bing and Microsoft tools, explore the wild wonders of Australia as you explore the continent on an epic virtual adventure in this Bing Virtual Travel workshop. Document your travels with fun and engaging activities as you virtually visit breathtaking locations from the expanse of the Outback to the shores of Bondi Beach.

Journey to Africa

With the power of Bing and Microsoft tools, discover the beauty of Africa as you explore the continent on a larger-than-life virtual adventure in this Bing Virtual Travel workshop. Document your travels with fun and engaging activities as you virtually visit the historical, biological, and ecological wonders Africa provides.

Scholars must be registered by April 30, 2021 in order to participate. To register, please click this link:

All participants will need a device that can access the internet and web-based applications.

For more information contact, Andrea Wright, DCSD STEM Coordinator, via email at or via phone (678) 676 – 0240.