Columbia High School athletes were surprised with a renovated weight room thanks to former students, rapper Future and his sister, Tia Wilburn.

Future’s foundation, Freewishes, in partnership with Foot Locker, revealed the renovated weight room to some of the school’s football players and coaches on April 15. Since his rise to fame, Future and his family have given back to his former high school through sponsored events, workshops, and scholarships to seniors. Future graduated from Columbia in 2002 and was classmates with football coach Gregory Barnett.

“I reached out to him, he asked what the need was, and we were definitely in need of a weight room,” Barnett said. “He and his team came in and evaluated the situation, and they blessed us with brand new equipment. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m very excited.”

Wilburn graduated from Columbia in 2003 and was a varsity cheerleader. Their mother is a 1983 graduate of Columbia.

“They have a growing athletic program here, so we wanted to do whatever we could to help the kids accelerate, and our way was redoing the weight room,” Wilburn said. “I’m looking forward to going to the games this upcoming season and seeing how they’re working out in the weight room and how it’s paying off on the field.”

Barnett said having a properly equipped weight room is essential in an athlete’s development.

“It equates to getting stronger and preventing injuries,” Barnett said. “The weight room is definitely a part of our program, and we’re looking forward to maybe winning a few more games due to having a nicer weight room.”

Barnett and his coaching staff thanked Future for his generosity by presenting him with a framed football jersey and his old high school basketball jersey.

Columbia Principal Dr. Derrica Boochee-Davis said it is phenomenal to see Future and his sister give back to their old high school.

“Schools can only be as great as those who pour into it. So, them valuing what Columbia provided them as they grew up, and then giving back to other students is idealistic,” said Boochee-Davis. “We are so grateful and honored.”

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