DeKalb County School District Back to School 2020 Virtual Event- Aug. 10 – Aug. 14

Mask Monday – Rock Your Mask day. Show your pride by wearing school colors and rocking your favorite mask. Whether it’s a graphic or decorating, we want you to take a selfie and rock your mask on social media using the hashtags #rockyourmask #ilovedcsd #back2dcsd *Face masks only and no bandanas allowed.

Teacher Tuesday – Shout out your favorite teacher. Share on social media your favorite teacher memory and how they inspired you to be your best and a success. Don’t forget to share a photo if you have one. #ilovedcsd #teachertuesday #back2dcsd

Wisdom Wednesday – #DCSDAlumni give current students school survival tips, whether online or in the classroom. Hint: put down your phone when trying to study. #ilovedcsd #wednesdaywisdom #back2dcsd

Throwback Thursday – Post your favorite K-12 back to school photo. Don’t forget to share your favorite memory along with your photo. #ilovedcsd #throwbackdcsd #back2dcsd