Students Learn Strategy and Life Lessons

Dozens of DeKalb County School District (DCSD) students received lessons on responsibility, planning, strategy, and integrity on May 5.

Stone Mountain Middle School hosted the sixth annual DCSD Chess Fair on Saturday, May 5. While students traveled from throughout the district to put opponents in check, checkmate and constant doubt, the event also featured guest speakers, lessons in strategy, as well as life-lessons from community leaders.

Five separate tournaments took place throughout the day, featuring competitors from Stone Mountain Middle, Tucker Middle, Redan Middle, Rockbridge Elementary, Pine Ridge Elementary, Woodward Elementary, Stone Mountain Elementary, Shadow Rock Elementary, as well as individuals at the high school level.

Competitors played in tournaments separated by elementary and secondary education levels, as well as skill level:

Novice Winners- Elementary

  • 1st Place – Jordan Palmer- Freedom Middle
  • 2nd Place – Jaden Palmer – Freedom Middle
  • 3rd Place – Malecia Mason – Rockbridge Elementary

Intermediate Winners- Elementary

  • 1st Place – Vivian Diep – Tucker Middle
  • 2nd Place – Parsa Arani – Tucker Middle
  • 3rd Place – Micheal Houston- Stephenson Middle

Expert Winners- Elementary

  • 1st Place – Daemon Jones – Shadow Rock Elementary
  • 2nd Place – Kailash Muthukumar – Dunwoody Elementary
  • 3rd Place – Eric Carmona – Woodward Elementary

Intermediate Winners- Secondary

  • 1st Place- Sandya Vikram – Henderson Middle
  • 2nd Place- Susan Rai- Stone Mountain Middle
  • 3rd Place- Kalvin Johnson – Stone Mountain Middle

Expert Winners- Secondary

  • 1st Place – Augustine Majimba – Stone Mountain High
  • 2nd Place – Nuhamin Chernet – Tucker Middle
  • 3rd Place – Jeremyah Hillman – Stone Mountain Middle

Motivational speaker Orrin Hudson of provided attendees with lessons on making the correct moves both on and off the chess board. Hudson’s lessons of responsibility, integrity and non-violence are sure to stick with attendees for many years to come.