Where the Focus Is: Student Affairs

Welcome to the Department of Student Support Services, where we provide the under girding and infrastructure for those who desire a different learning environment or need some type of intervention or advocacy for success. We support parents, students, and staff with quality service, especially when something “different” is needed or desired, and provide empowerment, enabling protocols and processes to facilitate communication.


  • to work with school personnel to narrow the achievement gap and improve the graduation rate by creating a high performance learning culture in all schools and sites
  • to work with school personnel to increase rigor and academic achievement in reading/language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies in preK–12
  • to ensure quality personnel in all positions
  • to ensure fiscal responsibility in order to maintain safe and healthy learning environments that support academic programs, resources, and services
  • to enhance student learning through the collaborative efforts of the Student Support Services department


We are trained and sensitive to respond to a full spectrum of complex issues facing students. You may start with your local school principal. However, if you still need assistance, we will manage and/or channel your concerns to the appropriate authority.