Student Meal Service

Special Diets

  • Contact Janet Stone, RD 678-676-1782 for special dietary request.
  • Physician Form. Completed physicians order form must be on file with School Nutrition Services. Form can be faxed to 678-676-1799 or scanned to


Grab & Go Verification Form

What to know

  • Students of DeKalb County School District are eligible for Grab-and-Go meals
  • Students will be charged based eligibility status.
  • Meals may be picked up at any DeKalb County School/site regardless of home school
  • Students and/or parents will need to provide student identification number
  • Parents can pick up meals for children daily, but must provide a daily daily Grab-and Go verification form.
  • Parents are responsible for identifying students with special dietary needs. Physician’s order must be on file with School Nutrition Services. To request further information or request meals contact Janet Stone, R.D., 678-676-1782
  • Students do not need to attend the school where the meals are distributed.

If you go to Grab-and-Go site, please be patient and follow all directions from DeKalb County Schools’ staff on-site. We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment, reinforcing social distancing protocols, and creating a smooth traffic flow.

  • Families using the drive-thru service must remain in their vehicle. Do not get out.
  • Please place your car in the Parked (P) position to reduce the potential for injury to staff and pedestrians.
  • Pedestrians must take their Grab-and-Go meals home and not remain in the area to eat.
  • Pedestrians waiting in line must maintain a 6-ft distance from other people. Do not shake hands with other individuals.
  • Students walking or biking should bring a backpack to carry their Grab-and-Go meals home.
Grab-and-Go meal service sites can be located using our map.