Parent Councils United of DeKalb (PCU) includes the executive board members from Emory LaVista Parent Council, South DeKalb Parent Council, and Tucker Parent Council. It also includes representatives from the Cross Keys Cluster and the Charter Schools Parent Council. Parent Councils are individual grass roots organizations. They have no membership rolls, no dues, and no headquarters.

Everyone understands that a child’s education and growth depend on a good teacher, classroom, principal, and school. Professionals, organizations, and volunteers work tirelessly to make their school the best it can be, to give each child the best opportunities possible. Parent Councils take this approach one step further. A child’s education also depends on decisions made at the county and state level. Parent Councils focus primarily on the county level of decision-making.

What We Do

Parent Councils are here for 3 reasons: To inform To discuss To advocate.

Each council chooses topics of interest for their school community. Open meetings make it possible for parents, residents, and school staff to exchange information, concerns, and possibilities. Councils advocate for larger changes in the school system than parents and staff at one school can accomplish.

In April, 2013, in a demonstration of county and community unity, Parent Councils United of DeKalb (PCU) formed. It was born out of a desire to demonstrate the shared concern and shared agreement throughout the county on many school and educational issues. Each community is different, with different challenges and priorities, but we come together in a basic belief system of what our children should receive and how our school system should operate.

Our Efforts

Last year PCU of DeKalb

  • Advocated for a transparent and purposeful superintendent selection process
  • Worked to improve District financial transparency
  • Partnered with the District to promote their new academic initiatives
  • Hosted county-wide PCU events, such as the first annual State of the District Address

This school year PCU of DeKalb is

  • Focusing on collaboration between high-level DeKalb leaders
  • Working to improve local school governance
  • Holding the District accountable for transparency in decision-making
  • Continuing to host county-wide PCU events, such as the State of the District Address with Dr. Green

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