Reading Night brings Shadow Rock Elementary School families together.

“Too Many Pumpkins” by Linda White was theme of the annual Family Reading Night at Shadow Rock Elementary School, held November 2, 2017.

The celebration of literacy began with an invitation to dine in the school’s cafeteria, followed by a host of literacy activities to spark the interests of students. As families entered the atrium of the school building, they were met with an intimidating array of red, orange, yellow and brown hanging leaves.

There were gigantic pumpkins, medium pumpkins, small pumpkins, tiny pumpkins, paper pumpkins, and plastic pumpkins in every nook and corner of the planned area of intrigued; just like there were pumpkins portrayed in the themed book for the night. Students contributed greatly with their artwork; designs were displayed and mounted on every participating wall. The sheer presence of pumpkins was undeniably an overwhelming presence of fall regalia.

Families were pleasantly surprised with the many reading enrichment available. As families casually strolled through the halls, they found activities worthy of their interest.

There was an interactive performance where students had the opportunity to participate in the enactment of the story and had fun doing it. Then there was the scavenger hunt; it was a favored activity where many parents enjoyed collaborating with their children in finding the answers to the questions such as “Who’s your Superintendent of DeKalb County Schools?”

And to enhance the literacy experience, the smell of fresh popcorn filled the air with an aroma reminiscent of a fall carnival. To quench their thirst and pallet, Italian shaved ice and snacks were offered for their enjoyment.

Other activities included a book walk, bingo, toss the pumpkin, tattoos and stickers, and estimation jars filled with tiny pumpkins. To leave a lasting impression, all students were issued a book to take home to add to their collection at home along with a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports) eagle buck.

Shadow Rock Elementary is making a commitment to reading proficiency and is actively on a quest to engage the student, the parent and the community in growing strong and thriving readers at home and at school.

The following article was submitted by Shadow Rock elementary School.