loads of love team-photo

Freedom Middle School media center staff hosted the school’s first “Loads of Love” event on Oct. 2.

Using donations from school staff and community organizations, students and their families had the opportunity to wash their school uniforms and other school-related laundry at a local laundromat at no cost. Free snacks and books were available for those who waited while doing laundry. The event was the first activity of the “Clean Start in October” series, which is hosted by Freedom Middle School’s media center staff.

Media Specialist Ebonie Thompson said she was inspired to establish the event after becoming more familiar with the students, their needs and the needs of their communities.

“We serve such a unique population, so there is always work to be done,” Thompson said.

The media center staff began collecting donations for the event in September.

“Almost immediately, the wonderful staff at Freedom was bringing in jugs of detergent and almost everything we would need for [the event],” Thompson said.

Thompson said the community embraced the idea and the laundromat, Spin Clean Coin Laundry, went above and beyond to ensure that they had enough space and assistance while at the location.

“All of the families in attendance expressed their gratitude for the opportunity,” Thompson said.

Throughout the month, Freedom Middle School media center will host an amnesty program where students can work off any lost books and go into the second semester fine-free. There will also be a media center beautification day.

“My hope is that [the students] will see that anyone can serve and make a difference,” Thompson said. “It’s not a luxury for the rich but more so a joy for the willing. I also hope that by seeing their principals, teachers, and even the librarians out in their community, that they will know just how much we care about them and do what we do because they are worth it!”