Georgia Department of Education ranks ability to serve students with special needs

DeKalb County School District’s (DCSD) most recent example of soaring to new heights in education comes straight from the Georgia Department of Education’s Division for Special Education Services and Supports.

Each year, the Georgia Department of Education scores school districts on their ability to serve students with special needs. DCSD obtained the highest possible score—100%—in nine areas of assessment. This means that the DCSD has demonstrated compliant practices related to serving students with special needs or individualized education programs.

Districts earn a score of “Meets Requirements,” by scoring 90% or greater; “Needs Assistance,” by scoring 75 to 89%; and “Needs Intervention,” be scoring less than 75%.

“Each day, we are proud to note that students with special needs receive the same quality educational opportunities as any other student throughout the district,” said Superintendent/CEO Dr. R. Stephen Green. “This accolade represents yet another metric in the continuous improvement of our system. We are soaring to new heights in every area, including Exceptional Education.”

According to state officials, DCSD scored impeccably in areas that involve rates of suspension and expulsion for children with disabilities; disproportionality; general supervisions; budget and spending for students with disabilities; completing initial evaluations within 60 days; early childhood transitions; measuring goals for transitions to postsecondary education; as well as timely and accurate data.

Visit the Exceptional Education Department webpage for more information.