Ms. Brenda Hornaday, science teacher at Brockett Elementary, is the recipient of a $5,000 grant from the DART Foundation. Public school education projects with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) as well as career and technical training in the skilled trades, are the emphasis for funded projects by the DART Foundation.

Resources from the grant will be used to support the students’ abilities to investigate scientific phenomena. The investigation of scientific phenomena is at the core of the Georgia Department of Education’s newly adopted Georgia Standards of Excellence in Science. The students of Brockett Elementary School will learn the skills of coding through their access to two Dot and Dash Robot Wonder kits. They will explore the microscopic world via their access to 12 OMAX 40X 2000X Digital Lab Led Binocular Compound Microscopes. The grant also provides five desktop air purifiers for classrooms, two Ron’s Ramp Adventure Kits, combo sets of prepared microscope slides, and six sets of the following books to support science literacy:

  • Push and Pull, Patricia Murphy
  • Forces Make Things Move, Kimberly Bradley
  • What is Friction, Lisa Trumbaner
  • Roll, Slope, and Slide, Michael Dahl

Ms. Hornaday learned the art of grant writing at a DCSD’s Science Teachers’ Conference. Since attending the science grant writing professional learning opportunity at the conference, she has been awarded approximately $42,000 in grants.