Peachcrest Elementary teacher graduates from Education Policy Fellowship Program.

Michelle Simmons, 5th grade special education teacher at Peachcrest Elementary, completed the Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP).

Michelle Simmons, a fifth-grade special education teacher at Peachcrest Elementary School, was one of 21 graduates of the ninth Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) class.

EPFP is conducted by the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education. It is billed as a “professional development program that provides potential leaders with the knowledge and networks to advance the core issues of education policy… ultimately EPFP seeks to improve the chances of children and youth to succeed.”

Simmons also serves on the Board of Education in Douglas County, where she resides. She said the program was beneficial.

“The program broadened my perspective, affording me the opportunity to become more heavily engrossed in various aspects that encompass education,” Simmons said, adding, “My depth of knowledge and insight has been broadened because of the many opportunities provided through this Fellowship.”

The program is composed of monthly colloquiums and attendance at a national leadership conference in Washington D.C. Speakers include leaders in a wide variety of subjects including funding, global and higher education, school choice, early education, politics, the demographic landscape and more.

Simmons said she would recommend the program to others.

“Yes! The Fellows have a unique opportunity to engage and network with people from various backgrounds regarding education,” she explained. “If open, perspectives will be challenged and understandings may be shifted as Fellows are exposed to topics and participate in discussions that provide more depth and insight than they may have had prior to the fellowship.”

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*Editor’s note: This posting is heavily based on a press release submitted by the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education.