Arabia Mountain Senior Accepted into Atlanta Bar Association Summer Law Internship Program

By Carla Parker

Niana Battle's cap and gown pictureArabia Mountain High School senior Niana Battle has been accepted into one of 25 slots of the Atlanta Bar Association Summer Law Internship Program.

The program offers summer opportunities to Atlanta area high school students who are interested in learning more about the legal profession. Battle said it is an honor to be accepted into the program.

“Being selected to participate in such a competitive program also allowed me to feel recognized and that my hard work and involvement in other law and leadership programs was important,” Battle said. “I wanted to participate in this program for a multitude of reasons. From the invaluable work experience to amazing exposure to the different factions of law and indispensable networking opportunities, the Atlanta Bar Internship Program has an expansive amount of benefits.”

Founded in 1993, the internship program was designed to achieve three goals—to provide valuable work experience; to further students’ understanding of the law; and to promote mentor relationships with the Atlanta legal community. Battle said she hopes to gain an indefinite amount of things from her internship.

“Primarily I hope to make long term connections with like-minded peers, who share similar interests in law and social justice as well as develop relationships with lawyers who can introduce and assist me in accessing future law related internships and opportunities,” she said.

Battle will be attending Georgia State University in the fall to pursue a bachelor’s degree in public policy. After graduation, she plans to earn a Juris Doctor at University of Georgia Law School.

“While in college I hope to gain even more opportunities to pursue my love of law and advocacy,” she said. “I also hope to meet and socialize with peers who share similar interests.”

Battle said her goal is to establish her own law firm advocating for oppressed people across the country and worldwide.

“I truly aspire to make a difference by utilizing law to advocate. By establishing my own law firm, I can hold internships that teach younger generations the power of law and advocacy- inspiring them to make change,” she said. “I hope to utilize my platform to inspire those within my community, and create a perpetual cycle of change which can contribute to the destruction of unequal treatment within this country. By grooming a generation of young advocates who are focused on community growth, development, and investment, I will not only be utilizing my platform to defeat inequality but providing others with the tools needed to create their own platforms doing the same.”