The DeKalb County School District acknowledges and celebrates the outstanding academic achievements of the members of the Class of 2022. In accordance with Board policy, IHDA, the District certified 26 valedictorians and 27 salutatorians for the Class of 2022. The honorees meet the following requirements as stipulated in policy IHDA:

“The senior student with the highest cumulative grade point average will be designated as the senior class valedictorian. The senior student with the second highest grade point average will be designated as the salutatorian. These designees shall be determined after first semester grades have been posted to student grade histories. If there is an exact tie for the highest grade-point average, co-valedictorians will be identified. Similarly, if there is an exact tie for the second highest grade-point average, co-salutatorians will be identified.”

Congratulations are extended to the following honorees as they celebrate this important milestone in their lives:

Class of 2022 Valedictorians and Salutatorians


Arabia Mountain HS (Magnet) 

Madison Cust 

Madison Williams 

Arabia Mountain HS (Resident) 

Sharelle Lord 

Bianca King 

Cedar Grove HS 

Arian Williams 

Linda Hernandez-Chavez 

Chamblee HS (Magnet) 

Olivia Li 

Owen Oertell 

Chamblee HS (Resident) 

Rafia Islam 

Eleanor Altwarg 

Clarkston HS 

Meron Ayecheh 

Baoduy Tran 

Columbia HS (Magnet) 

Akeria Bigby 

Cat Tien Le Ha 

Columbia HS (Resident) 

Benjamin Holman 

Tiara Hill 

Cross Keys HS 

Benson Lin 

Alicia McGlory 

DeKalb Early College Academy 

Alyssa Miller 

Jasmine Archer 

DeKalb School of Arts 

Mary Abowd 

Taylor West 

Druid Hills HS 

Sophia Shepherd 

Charlotte Walker 


Dunwoody HS 


Ryan Altera 

Piranavaskanthan Abeyakaran

Spencer Hopkins 

Lakeside HS 

Devin Bourgeois 

Rohan Bafna 

Lithonia HS 

Ryan Guillory Jr. 

Jamese Platt 

Martin Luther King Jr. HS 

Jayla Eloy 

Torree Johnson 

Miller Grove HS 

Laila Thurman 

Maliyah Gordon 

Redan HS 

Paris-Angeliqua Hall 

Mekeala Watkins 

Ronald E. McNair HS 

Madison Lyons 

Jashonti Wilson 

Southwest DeKalb HS (Magnet) 

Cameron Benjamin 

Ramya Cook 

Southwest DeKalb HS (Resident) 

Mya Moore 

Za’Riyah Jones 

Stephenson HS 

Cynthia Thomas 

Michael Wright 

Stone Mountain HS 

Riquelme Pineda-lbarra 

Susan Rai 

Tapestry Charter 

Robert Christopher 

Caleb Stapel-Wax 

Towers HS 

Ra Ju 

Erick Soto 

Tucker HS 

Alexander Rice 

Alyssa Brooks