DeKalb County School District’s wage and salary program for all staff members is based on the administrative practices established for the District. The same salary schedules are used for all classifications to maintain internal equity within the District.

Our compensation philosophy is to pay wage and salary rates, which are sufficient to attract, motivate, and retain a highly qualified and competent work force. Our goal is to provide employees with a total rewards package that is competitive with other school districts. Though an employee’s pay is usually the most visible part of compensation, DeKalb County Schools’ total rewards package includes a number of great benefits.

This page provides information concerning Compensation Structure. See our Frequently Asked Questions for details regarding various compensation processes and procedures. Visit our Rewards section for compensation beyond salary. We also recommend that you review all the information on this page and then contact us for clarification or additional information.

Disclaimer: Information contained within this website only summarizes compensation information for interested individuals. If there is a discrepancy between the information in this website and current compensation documents, the current documents obtained in the Division of Human Capital will always govern. DeKalb County School District reserves the right to modify, alter or discontinue these reference materials for any reason.

In keeping with the Strategic Plan Goal 3: “Operational Effectiveness, DeKalb County School District is committed to building a culture of accountability and operational effectiveness”. As a result, a Compensation and Classification study was conducted in 2018.

From the review of the 380+ job titles, 17 job classifications were identified. The 17 job classifications were further refined into 2-3 sub-classifications to address the differences in the skill levels and requirements within the job classification, e.g., Paraprofessional I, II; Manager I, II, III; Technician I, II, III, etc.

Note: The levels I, II, and III are not intended to be a progression metric for employees to seek salary upgrades or additions. They are leveled to distinguish the job responsibilities and requirements of a particular position and not the employee.

The salary ranges for all classifications are based on an annualized work schedule. Annualization allows employees to see the relationship between jobs. Recognizing that some positions work fewer than the 246 days, e.g., Paraprofessional: 186 days, Bus Drivers: 180 days; etc., the actual true range for each job title may be found by expanding the appropriate job classification. The same salary schedules are used for all classifications to maintain internal equity within the District.

For educational support and administrative salary schedules, the difference between the minimum and maximum salary for each classification level has been divided into 20 equal units. Each unit is used as a “tier” to differentiate the initial placement of each employee to maintain relativity among current employees within the pay grade. Once an employee in a non-certified position is placed on the new salary schedule, the salary remains until the BOE approves a cost of living adjustment (COLA) or any other salary increase measures on a percentage or flat rate. The salary schedule will then be adjusted based on the decision of the Board of Education (BOE). In accordance with the District Policy GCA-Classified Personnel Compensation Guides and Contracts, the compensation for each employee shall be based on the salary schedule adopted by the DeKalb County Board of Education. The Superintendent is authorized to establish the salary placement of an employee on the appropriate salary schedule and to provide compensation in accordance with the current schedule.

As required by Georgia Department of Education’s State Education Rules (GBA (5)160-5-2-.05), all certified educators in teaching positions will be paid in accordance with Experience for Salary Purposes. Certified salary placement is based upon two factors: certification level and previous year of verified experience. For additional information, please review the GaDOE Experience for Salary Purposes.

Employees’ annual salaries are based on the number of days worked in a fiscal year. Any employee that starts after the 1st day of the school year will receive a prorated salary.

DeKalb County School District’s wage and salary program for all staff members is based on the administrative practices established for the District. The same salary schedules are used for all classifications to maintain internal equity within the District.

Our compensation philosophy is to pay wage and salary rates, which are sufficient to attract, motivate, and retain a highly qualified and competent work force. Our goal is to provide employees with a total rewards package that is competitive with other school districts. Though an employee’s pay is usually the most visible part of compensation, the District’s total rewards package includes a number of great benefits.

Flexible Benefit Options/Coverages:

The Vision Plan offers benefits through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, with two plan options – Vision Select and Vision Select Plus.

Both plans offer these major features:

  • Covered exams and materials
  • Statewide access to a network of providers
  • No claims to file for “in-network” benefits
  • Benefits for “out-of-network” providers

Additional information:

The Dental coverage offers three different dental plans and each plan has different payment schedules and providers:

Cigna Dental Care (DHMO)

You must choose a provider from the provider list

  • DHMO is NOT available statewide
  • No deductibles to pay before you use the plan
  • No annual dollar maximums
  • No claims to file

Delta Dental Select

Delta Dental Select Plus

  • For the Delta Dental Select and Select Plus plan you may go to any dentist
  • You obtain the most benefit by visiting a Delta Dental PPO network dentist
  • DEDUCTIBLE : $50 per person/$150 per family each calendar year
  • Orthodontics only available to Select Plus plan after a 6 month waiting period

Additional information:

Life Insurance coverage is offered to employees, spouses and dependents through MetLife.
  • Employees may elect up to 10 times your pay up to a maximum benefit of $2,000,000 on a pretax or post tax basis
  • Spouse coverage cannot exceed 100% of the Employee Life Coverage
  • Child Life coverage is available for dependent children under the age of 26
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance is available to the employee only and pays benefits in the event of an injury or death as the result of a covered accident
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance may be elected up to 10 times your pay up to a maximum benefit of $2,000,000

Additional information:

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability coverage is a benefit offered by The Standard and is available to provide income protection against the unexpected.

Short-Term Disability Coverage (STD)

  • Seven (7) Day Benefit Waiting Period or Thirty (30) Day Benefit Waiting Period
  • The plan will work in coordination with other income benefits to replace 60% of your Annual Benefit Base Rate during the plan you’re the disability began

Long-Term Disability Coverage (LTD)

  • LTD is a benefit paid for by DeKalb County School District
  • Benefits will begin after you have been disabled for 180 calendar days
  • Benefits will end when you are no longer disabled or you reach the normal Social Security Retirement age

Additional information:

Long-Term Care insurance is a benefit offered by UNUM to assist with a wide range of personal care, health and social services for people of all ages who suffer from a chronic disease or long-lasting disability. The services can be provided in a nursing facility, an adult day care center, or at home, and can involve some nursing care.

Additional information:

The Critical Illness coverage is offered through AFLAC and helps you and your family cope with and recover from the financial stress of a critical illness or health condition.


Select Plus

  • Plans available for the employee, spouse and dependent child
  • Offers lump-sum benefits paid directly to the insured following the diagnosis of a covered critical illness after hospital confinement for the illness
  • Employee must be enrolled in Critical Illness coverage before electing coverage for spouse or child
  • Child(ren) ages 0-26 are covered at 50% of employee benefit amount at no additional cost
  • Plan offers Health Screening Benefits

Additional information:

Legal Insurance coverage is offered through Hyatt Legal Plans to employees and eligible dependents. Hyatt Legal Plan provides access to experienced, local network attorneys at an affordable rate through premiums taken on a post-tax basis. Benefits will include:


  • Wills and codicils
  • Living wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Unlimited phone and office advice and consultations
  • Traffic ticket defense (no DUI)
  • Document review
  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Promissory notes
  • Elder law matters
  • ale, purchase and refinancing of your primary and second home
  • Home equity loans for your primary and second home
  • Debt collection defense
  • Identity theft defense

Select Plus

All benefits under Select plan

  • Personal bankruptcy
  • Tax audits
  • Civil litigation defense
  • Administrative hearings
  • Incompetency defense
  • Change or establishment of custody order or visitation rights
  • Adoption and legitimization
  • Divorce* ($1,000 maximum for contested)
  • Enforcement or modification of support order
  • Guardianship/conservatorship
  • Immigration assistance
  • Traffic ticket defense (no DUI)
  • Sale, purchase, refinancing of your primary and second home
  • Eviction and tenant problems (tenant only)
  • Home equity loans for primary and second home
  • Name changes

Additional information:

Online Access Codes

Select Plan 7600001 – Employee Only
7610001 – Employee w/Dependents
Select Plus Plan 7620001 – Employee Only
7630001 – Employee w/Dependents

The Flexible Benefits Spending Account plans are administered by WageWorks.
  • The deductions for spending accounts are made on a pre-tax basis every pay period.
  • You may not carry over expenses from one plan year into the next plan year for reimbursement.
  • Under IRS rules, any money left in your accounts, and not claimed for the previous plan year’s expenses by the claim filing deadline, is forfeited.

Dependent Care Spending Account

  • Dependent Care Spending Account allows you the opportunity to use tax-free dollars to pay for the care of dependent children under age 13 or other IRS- eligible dependents (such as a disabled child of any age or an elderly parent) while you and your spouse work or attend school full time.

Health Care Spending Account

  • The Health Care Spending Account helps you save tax dollars on health-related products and services received by your and your family.
  • After enrollment, you will receive a Visa Spending Account Card for purchases of eligible health care services; such as co-payments, deductibles, contact lenses and glasses, prescriptions, etc.

Additional information:

  • Teachers Retirement System‐ Board of Education provides a 14.27% contribution each month for covered employees
  • Public School Employees Retirement System

Tax Sheltered Annuity

DeKalb County School District offers four Board‐approved a 403(b) optional financial retirement vendors: Fidelity, Mass Mutual, Valic and Voya.

The Board of Education contributes 8% of the base salary each month to employees covered under the Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS).
The Board of Education contributes 2% of the base salary employees covered under Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRS) or Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia (ERS) meeting all eligibility ‐+criteria.

Academic Coach 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Assistant Principal ES 200 8 $55,287 $102,471
Assistant Principal MS/HS 213 8 $62,415 $112,776
Campus Security 190 8 $28,101 $40,059
Counselor I 190 8 $49,430 $95,001
Counselor II 213 8 $55,832 $107,016
Custodian 246 8 $26,839 $37,659
Data Clerk, Title I 199 8 $34,278 $47,510
Data Clerk, Counseling 199 8 $34,278 $47,510
Head Custodian 246 8 $29,530 $40,959
Instructional Support Specialist 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Interpreter for the Deaf 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Library Media Assistant 199 8 $27,728 $38,990
Media Specialist 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Occupational Therapist 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Paraprofessional-Instructional 186 8 $22,117 $32,747
Paraprofessional-PreK 186 8 $19,338 $19,338
Paraprofessional-Special Education 186 8 $22,117 $32,747
Parent Liaison, TI-Part A 186 8 $21,900 $32,105
Physical Therapist 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Plant Engineer 246 8 $41,690 $56,715
Principal, Elementary School 246 8 $98,847 $129,697
Principal, High School 246 8 $104,293 $136,847
Principal, Middle School 246 8 $100,569 $131,708
Psychologist, School 190 8 $49,430 $95,001
Registrar 213 8 $29,679 $41,136
ROTC, Enlisted 236 8 $43,622 $60,535
ROTC, Officer 236 8 $52,184 $82,358
School Bookkeeper 246 8 $33,603 $46,575
School Nurse (RN & LPN) 186 6 $26,409 $35,936
School Nutrition Assistant 185 6 $15,309 $20,413
School Nutrition Assistant Manager 185 7 $17,660 $24,781
School Nutrition Manager 190 8 $39,915 $52,310
School Office Assistant 199 8 $23,887 $33,133
School Resource Officer 190 8 $35,682 $48,550
Social Worker 190 8 $49,430 $95,001
Special Education Lead Teacher 192 8 $51,949 $99,841
Special Education Liaison 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Special Education Nurse 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Speech Language Pathologist 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Student Support Specialist 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Teacher, Career Occupational-Vocational 197 8 $42,552 $98,501
Teacher, General Education 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Teacher, Interrelated 190 8 $41,040 $95,001
Teacher, Lottery Fund PreK Non-Certified 190 8 $31,038 $31,038
Teacher, Technical Occupational-Vocational 197 8 $42,552 $98,501

Employee Data Assistant
678-676-0067 (main)
678-676-0187 (fax)

  • Contact Information Change Data Entry
  • Extra Activity Data Entry
  • G-4 Deduction
  • Georgia United Credit Union Deduction
  • Name Change Data Entry
  • Tax Sheltered Annuity Deduction
  • Teacher Associations Deduction
  • W-4 Deduction

Employment Verification Assistant
678-676-0067 (main)
678-676-0187 (fax)

  • Department Of Family & Children Services (Verification)
  • Department Of Labor Verification Of Salary
  • Employment/Experience Verification
  • Loan Forgiveness Verification
  • Mortgage/Apartment Housing Verification
  • Social Security Verification

Compensation Specialist
678-676-0014 (main)
678-875-5034 (fax)

  • Administrative Salary Placement
  • Annual Contract Inquiries
  • Position Specification Requests
  • Salary Schedule Requests

Compliance Compensation Analyst
678-676-0014 (main)
678-875-5034 (fax)

  • Incoming Supplemental Experience Verification
  • Long Term Substitute Salary Placement
  • PSERS Board-Sponsored Tax Shelter Annuity Questions
  • Retiree Return To Work
  • Supplemental Salary Placement
  • TRS/PSERS Underpayment Deductions

Compensation Analyst
678-676-0014 (main)
678-875-5034 (fax)

  • Annual Contract Inquiries
  • Employment Changes Impacting Gross Salary
  • Incoming Experience Verification
  • Pay Plan Explanation
  • Salary Inquiries (Gross Amount)
  • Salary Placement Calculation

Retirement Analyst
678-676-0362 (main)
678-676-0350 (fax)

  • ERS/PSERS/TRS Inquiries
  • ERS/PSERS/TRS Retirement Application
  • Resignation Processing
  • Retiree Insurance
  • Retirement Refunds/Service Purchases
  • Service Credit Discrepancies
  • Sick Leave Certification For Retirement