Digital Dreamers is a comprehensive technology program of the DeKalb County School District reaching every student and teacher in the district, in support of our vision of increasing students’ technological footprint and preparing them to be globally competitive citizens – both now and in the future. As part of the program, the 1:1 Chromebook deployment provides each of our Middle and High School students with laptops.
The DeKalb County School District maintains sole ownership of all devices.  Each student will receive a device to support learning. At the end of the school year all devices must be returned to the school and will be reissued during the first weeks of school the following school year.
Yes, students will be allowed to take their assigned device home.
Parents and students will be responsible for the care and safety of the device.  Parent/Student Agreements will be required before devices are issued.
Student or parent/guardian should immediately notify the designated staff member or school administration.  The school will require a police report for stolen device.
Yes.  For an annual fee of $20, student devices will be protected if they are lost or stolen. This insurance is mandatory.

Insurance coverage for the 2018 – 2019 school year ends July 30, 2019.

You can learn about the device directly from Acer:

You can also periodically check the Digital Dreamer website for updated tutorials.

Each school will be scheduled to receive device based on readiness.  Please see the principal for more information on your school’s placement in the roll-out schedule.
It is imperative that all students and parent/guardian attend the scheduled school distribution.   However, a makeup distribution date will be communicated by the principal.
No, the district does not have a purchasing plan at this time.
All internet traffic is filtered to prevent student access to inappropriate content at home and at school. We regularly monitor student searches and report any questionable activity to administration.

Parents can learn more regarding staying safe online in the Digital Citizenship areas of this website, as well as a few other websites:

Educational resources and content will be delivered via the device which will eventually make access a necessity for every student’s education.
Each teacher is responsible to orchestrating learning in his or her classroom.  Therefore, the degree to which the device will be used is determined by the teacher.  At this time, all teachers working to set up an online classroom in VERGE that will allow them to post class notes and materials, assignments, and administer assessments.  DCSD’s expectation is the device WILL be utilized in all subjects and courses.