COVID-19 In-School Surveillance Testing for Students

The Department of Student Health Services in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Public Health is excited to offer Surveillance Testing to our district! Surveillance testing is a safe, effective way to limit the spread of COVID -19 and continue to keep schools open for in-person learning. Weekly school-based testing will quickly detect, trace, and isolate COVID-19 positive individuals. The testing will provide families and staff with peace of mind. The current safety measures in place, combined with testing for staff and students, will lower the risk of transmission and allow more consistent access to in-person instruction for our students.

COVID-19 testing is not mandatory and is being offered to protect students, staff, family members, and our community. The Free Testing Program is available to students, even if they are fully vaccinated.

What is the test?
The testing is a swab test and takes only a few seconds to collect.

Where is the test located?
Weekly testing will be offered at your school.

Will this information be shared?
This information will be shared only for public health purposes. Sharing information about a student will only be done so in accordance with applicable laws or for protecting the privacy and the security of student data.

Remember, COVID-19 testing is not mandatory. If parents choose to participate, they should answer YES on the survey, and they will be prompted to register by completing a Consent Form. A Consent Form must be on file to take advantage of testing services. To ensure students are registered, parents, please visit the DCSD website to sign up for Surveillance Testing by August 30, 2022.‚Äč.

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