Shadow Rock Elementary Hosts Fathers’ Conference

shadow-rock-programShadow Rock Elementary’s cafetorium echoed with words of wisdom, health tips and fellowship the morning of Feb. 1 in honor of fatherhood.

Themed as “Make the Call,” Shadow Rock held a student-father breakfast stressing the importance of maintaining health and leading healthy lifestyles. Two resident educators, Edward Jackson and Anthony Johnson, spoke to those gathered about making healthy choices and sustaining good health.

“Make the Call” also provided an opportunity for fathers and father figures to take a break from their daily routines and bond with students. While one father sat with his three children—one girl and two boys—another sat with his daughter. At another table, a grandfather sat with his grandson.

The event also gave students a platform to express their gratitude to parents and parental figures. One by one, students read poems dedicated to fathers and the importance of fatherhood. At the event’s conclusion, Principal Viva Jones shared a story detailing her own father’s strength and courage.

“It’s pleasing to see fathers pause from their daily routine and spend quality time with their young ones,” a representative from Shadow Rock said. “It conveys an unspoken message of love, care and selflessness. To have fathers take a break and sit down with their children is priceless.”