Local charity donates school supplies to elementary school

Pencils. Erasers. Notebooks. Scissors. Glue. Folders.

To some, these items are nothing more than nuisances or means to an end.

students look at school supplies on tableTo others, the items are a lifeline to belonging, success, and worry-free school year.

One local charity has once again assured this message is heard at DeKalb County School District (DCSD) by hosting a 11,000 school supply giveaway.

Local nonprofit The Love of Giving delivered more than 11,000 packs of pencils, bottles of glue, scissors, folders, notebooks, and other school supplies to Indian Creek Elementary on Aug. 8. The entire student body—made up of almost 1,000 students—was able to pick out what they need to make the 2018-2019 school year a success.

For Katherine Miller, the founder and executive director of The Love of Giving, helping children is not just a passion, but second nature.

“This is our heart,” Miller said. “It’s not a child’s fault when they don’t have school supplies. So many don’t even have a pencil. It’s hard enough with other things to have to worry about getting a proper education. That’s what this is all about: helping them get their education.”

Miller considers events like the one held at Indian Creek “a joy” for all involved, including volunteers. On Aug. 8, about a dozen were in attendance to deliver supplies to students.

“We’re so thankful that we can actually do it,” Miller said. “Education is one of the most important parts of your life—without education, you’re not going anywhere. You have to have an education to survive.”

Miller and The Love of Giving delivered Christmas presents to Indian Creek Elementary in December 2017 and donated the same amount of school supplies last year. She considers the nonprofit’s relationship with the school integral to the charity’s mission.

girl smiles at camera while school supplies lay on table“When I came to Indian Creek, the love and the smiles on kids’ faces when we came, it did something to my heart,” Miller said. “This is our school. On Christmas and coming back to school, this is where we’ll be. This is what we do: make kids happy.”

For staff at Indian Creek Elementary, the community partnerships like the one with The Love of Giving help the school fulfill its mission.

“Having their support, with parents and students knowing the school has their support, love, and care—that is what makes this school successful,” said Michelle DeShields, counselor at

Indian Creek. “This makes students feel welcome. This lets them know they are loved, and that we’ll do anything we can to make sure this school year starts out right.”

For more information on Indian Creek Elementary, located in the Clarkston High School cluster at 724 N. Indian Creek Drive, visit the school website.