Gifts of Love, Hope, and School Supplies at Indian Creek Elementary School

Volunteers of the Love of Giving deliver school supplies to Indian Creek Elementary School.

A new school year is here, and as always, it begins with smiling faces, eager minds, and shiny new school supplies. But, for one particular DeKalb County School District (DCSD) elementary school, those school supplies entered the building before the first student crossed the threshold into the 2017-2018 school year.

On August 3, Indian Creek Elementary School opened its doors to boxes upon boxes of crayons, pencils, notebooks, scissors, rulers, and so much more. Donated and delivered by leaders and volunteers of The Love of Giving organization, these items were ready and waiting for the opening bell on August 7.

“I am so blessed to have the opportunity to positively contribute to this community’s students, teachers, and families,” said Katherine Miller, Love of Giving founder and CEO. “There is nothing more rewarding than giving – especially to those so deserving,” she continued. “The children of Indian Creek Elementary are the future of this community, this district, this nation, and this world.”

“We are so thankful for this very generous donation, and for the partnership of Ms. Miller’s organization,” noted Antonette Campbell, Indian Creek principal. “Love of Giving has routinely provided supplies, toys, love, and hope, to our community of learners.”

“On behalf of every student who will walk through our doors this school year, let me express our greatest gratitude and appreciation.”

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