Your E-SPLOST Dollars at Work

DCSD and Clarkston officials shovel dirt

Photo: Thomas Springer, Jr.

The DeKalb County School District (DCSD) broke ground on the new Indian Creek Elementary School at its current address in Clarkston. Board members, along with the newly appointed interim superintendent, Ramona Tyson, were in attendance on November 13, 2019, in celebration of the new and improved place of learning. The school, which is projected to open in 2021 during next school year, will be the largest DCSD elementary school in square footage and capacity.

“We are the dream catchers,” said Indian Creek’s Principal Stephanie Brown-Bryant. “I am confident that this new facility will foster the growth and development of our students.”

Indian Creek Elementary School opened in 1961, and since then, it has become overcrowded due to the rapid growth in the city of Clarkston. “A new day is coming,” said Interim Superintendent Tyson as she voiced her thoughts, emphasizing the impact the new school will have on the Clarkston community.

“We are especially excited about this new school because hundreds of students can walk to class, not only is walking healthy, it allows the children to connect with the community.”

Tyson described the Indian Creek community as beautiful and diverse. She is excited that students will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a building equipped with 21st-century technology.

Indian Creek Elementary chorus

Photo: Thomas Springer, Jr.

District 7 Board Member, Dr. Joyce Morley, gave remarks at the ceremony and asserted how students need a school that aligns with their knowledge. Morley was an elementary school teacher and experienced first-hand how a state-of-the-art school positively impacts a child’s learning.

“When you walk into a building, the walls and colors make a difference in the way children learn,” said Morley. “The building needs to match what is expected of the children; it needs to make them feel important.”

The new Indian Creek Elementary will have 151,000 square feet to accommodate 1,200 students. There will be an improved playground, courtyard and gymnasium.

Regional Superintendent, Dr. Michelle Jones, attended the ceremony and is excited for what is to come.

“The students at Indian Creek have made many academic improvements,” said Jones. “Our teachers and staff members go above and beyond for this community and are breaking down barriers for academic success.”

During the ceremony, the Indian Creek Elementary School chorus graced the audience with a song entitled, “Grateful.” Other notable attendees included DeKalb Board of Education board members and Clarkston mayor Ted Terry.

Contributed by Jacinta Render