Community cuts the ribbon on Henderson Middle School renovations.

DeKalb County School District (DCSD) leaders and parents cut the ribbon on a large-scale renovation of Henderson Middle School on November 7.

The project includes a host of upgrades and changes designed to support the District’s 21st century instruction. The renovation includes, but is not limited to, the following:

New Front Lobby Entrance

  • New lobby with vestibule
  • New security desk
  • Updated office suites in both the main office and attendance office with sick bay.  Attendance office contains two additional offices for itinerant personnel (Social worker, Check and Connect Engagement Coach, Spanish Interpreter) and Instructional Support Specialist.
  • New Security Card Access/Camera/Motion System

ADA Access

  • New ADA Ramp for wheelchair access
  • 8 additional handicap parking spaces in the front circular drive
  • Additional handicap parking spaces located in the rear of the building

New Roof and Sprinkler System

Additional Rooms & Updated Spaces

  • Expansion of Media Center
  • Redesigned teacher work area with bathroom
  • New science classroom (#507) replaced visual arts room
  • Redesigned Boys and Girls Locker Room (includes new student lockers, showers, bathroom stalls, office space, and storage spaces)
  • 2 Additional Offices on the 600 Hallway (Plant Engineer & 6th Grade Administrator)
  • Room 700 changed to a transportation hub for Lakeside Cluster (location for supervisor & assistant)
  • New Band Addition built onto current structure with practice rooms, two instrument storage areas (percussion & brass), instrument repair room, acoustical panels, and band director’s office with additional storage.
  • Orchestra room updated with two practice rooms and acoustical panels
  • Music appreciation room updated with acoustical panels
  • Chorus room updated with acoustical panels
  • Student bathrooms on 300 hall outside of cafeteria gutted with new configuration and new fixtures.
  • Additional outdoor access created on the gym stage.
  • New gym balcony railing
  • Additional hallway to connect original structure with new instructional wing.

Cafeteria Renovation

  • All new kitchen facilities with two freezers
  • Cafeteria stage moved from one side of cafeteria to the other side of the room with the addition of a student lift
  • New space for school store added to the side of the cafeteria stage
  • Additional square footage for student dining within the cafeteria

New instructional wing (2 levels)

  • 30 Instructional Classrooms
    • 5 Academic Teams (6th Grade) 4 teachers per team (20 classrooms)
    • 1 Sixth Grade ESOL classroom
    • 2 Sixth Grade Resource Classrooms
    • 2 MOID Classrooms
    • 1 Business Education Classroom
    • 1 Visual Arts Classroom
    • 1 6th Grade Computer Lab (laptops)
    • 2 Health Classrooms
  • 4 student bathrooms (2 per floor)
  • 2 Teacher lounges with bathrooms and seating area (1 per floor)
  • Special Education Storage Area

Added Technology for new spaces

  • 35 Teacher Laptops (New Instructional Wing)
  • 35 Interactive Boards (Viewsonic – New Instructional Wing & Various Locations)
  • 60 Lenovo TP Yoga 11E Touch (900 Labs)
  • 200 Chromebooks
  • 5 Laptop Carts
  • 5 Laptop Cabinets
  • 1 New Band Suite Sound System
  • 1 New Internet Hardware /Cabling Infrastructure
  • 1 New Security Card Access/Camera /Motion System
  • 1 New Orchestra Sound System
  • 1 New Cafeterium Sound Equipment