Ashford Park Elementary improvements finished on time and under budget.

Ashford Park Elementary improvements finished.

Ashford Park Elementary School has more parking, a new sidewalk.

Parents and students will begin the school year at Ashford Park Elementary School with more parking, a new sidewalk, and improved transportation access all around.

The venture, a 50/50 partnership between DeKalb County School District (DCSD) and the City of Brookhaven, came in at $136,503 – 21% under budget. Additionally, the undertaking was completed ahead of schedule with construction activities concluding at the 23-day mark, 7 days ahead of the projected 30-day schedule.

“Schools are the foundation of a great community. We couldn’t be more pleased to see the completion of a partnership that not only benefits one of our campuses, but enhances the community we serve,” said R. Stephen Green, superintendent/CEO of the DeKalb County School District.

“Intergovernmental partnerships are an excellent opportunity to leverage resources and maximize results while getting the most bang for the buck for residents.  It’s even better when we can collaborate to improve the quality and safety of our schools,” said Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst.

The improvements add 320 feet of sidewalk to the existing network at the school, in addition to 29 new ADA compliant parking spots. Pedestrian and student safety is also improved through the construction of two raised crosswalks complete with reflective striping and signage.

The project also incorporates aesthetic improvements which include the installation of sidewalk landscaping strips and 225 feet of stained wood fencing along the perimeter of the school. The project also sought to connect a local trail to the school through the development of a trailhead for student and pedestrian usage.