The Department of Special Education meets the individual needs of students ages three through twenty-one who are eligible for special education and related services according to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The department assists in the assessment process for determining special education eligibility.

A full continuum of services is available, ranging from the least restrictive to more restrictive environments, depending on the specific needs of the student. The department also supports schools in ensuring students with disabilities appropriately access the Georgia Performance Standards and provides specialized instruction as determined necessary by the individualized education plan (IEP).

In collaboration with students, schools, families, and the community, the Department of Special Education assists students with disabilities in increasing academic performance and enhancing postsecondary options.

LTSE Directory

3 Allgood ES Johnson, Stephanie Williams
4 Arabia Mtn HS Givens, Natalie Thomas
1 Ashford Park ES Noto, Nola Williams
1 Austin ES Szczesniak, Patti McGhee
2 Avondale ES Blount, Joy Williams
5 Barack Obama ES Clark, Kim McGhee
5 Bethune MS Allen (Eggins), Karen Millon
4 Bob Mathis ES Johnson-Easley, Yolanda Johnson
4 Bouie ES Theme Johnson-Easley, Yolanda Johnson
2 Briar Vista ES Bedard, Kim Johnson
2 Briarlake ES Cox, Chris King
2 Brockett ES Bedard, Kim Johnson
4 Browns Mill ES Jones, Stephanie Johnson
5 Canby Lane ES Idlette, Barbara Williams
1 Cary Reynolds ES Johnson, Stephanie Williams
5 Cedar Grove ES Felton, Veronice McGhee
5 Cedar Grove HS Wright, Sharon Thomas
5 Cedar Grove MS Kellyman, Carol Millon
1 Chamblee HS Stephens, Viki Thomas
1 Chamblee MS Hunter, Marilyn Millon
3 Champion Theme MS Hunter, Marilyn Millon
4 Chapel Hill ES Jones, Stephanie Johnson
4 Chapel Hill MS Drummer, Marcia Millon
1 Chesnut ES Holmes, James King
3 Clarkston HS Robinzine, Monique Thomas
5 Columbia ES Mendez, Anisha Williams
5 Columbia HS Rice, Brenda Thomas
5 Columbia MS Bulgin, Rose-Claire Millon
2 Coralwood Center Davis, Lucinda Johnson
1 Cross Keys HS Lawson, Robin Thomas
3 DATE Greaves, Deborah McGhee
3 DECA Givens, Natalie Thomas
2 DeKalb Alternative Butler, Tracy Thomas
1 DeKalb Path Academy Harper, Keshia McGhee
5 DeKalb Prep Acad Harper, Keshia McGhee
2 DeKalb School of Arts Givens, Natalie Thomas
2 DESA Clark, Kim McGhee
4 Destiny Academy Wright, Sharon Thomas
5 DHST/South Lawson, Robin Thomas
1 Dresden ES Mendez, Anisha Williams
2 Druid Hills HS Lee, Candace Thomas
2 Druid Hills MS Hayes, Judy Millon
3 Dunaire ES Warner, Tanyana Williams
1 Dunwoody ES Peters, Catherine McGhee
1 Dunwoody HS Conway, Colleen Thomas
3 E. L. Miller ES Penister, Nancy Williams
3 Eagle Woods Academy Medearis, John Thomas
2 Elizabeth Andrews Givens, Natalie Thomas
2 Evansdale ES Days, Sherron Williams
4 Fairington ES Alexander, Meta Williams
2 Fernbank ES Blount, Joy Williams
4 Flat Rock ES Williams, Wranchetta McGhee
5 Flat Shoals ES Jordan, Tawana King
3 Freedom MS Rosser, Mary Ann Millon
2 GLOBE Greaves, Deborah McGhee
3 Hambrick ES Holmes, James King
2 Hawthorne ES Jacobs, Prudencia Williams
2 Henderson Mill ES Koehler, Anne King
2 Henderson MS Watts, Danzella Millon
1 Hightower ES Hunter, Sharenia Williams
1 Huntley Hills ES Wierman, Kym Johnson
2 Idlewood ES Williams
3 Indian Creek ES Bedard, Kim Johnson
2 International Community Charter Greaves, Deborah McGhee
1 International Student Center Greaves, Deborah McGhee
1 John Lewis ES Gaudet, Joan Williams
3 Jolly ES Sparks, Jacqueline King
5 Kelley Lake ES Szczesniak, Patti McGhee
1 Kingsley ES Noto, Nola Williams
1 Kittredge Magnet Jacobs, Prudencia Williams
2 Lakeside HS Henderson, Glenda Thomas
2 Laurel Ridge ES Gresham, Latrice King
4 Leadership Prep Harper, Keshia McGhee
4 Lithonia HS Morrison, Lloyd Thomas
4 Lithonia MS O'Neal, Roszella Millon
2 Livsey ES Cox, Chris King
4 Marbut ES Pennister, Nancy Williams
1 Margaret Harris Brown, Shevon McGhee
2 McLendon ES Gaudet, Joan Williams
5 McNair ES Washington, Renee King
5 McNair HS Lambert, Yolanda Thomas
5 McNair MS King, Chad Millon
2 Midvale ES Berry, Leisa Johnson
4 Miller Grove HS Howard-Thomas, Donielle Thomas
4 Miller Grove MS Bannister, Karlenna Millon
4 MLK HS Vivians, Carlton Thomas
1 Montclair ES Gaudet, Joan Williams
1 Montgomery ES Szczesniak, Patti McGhee
4 Murphey Candler ES Green, Shaunte King
2 Museum School Harper, Keshia McGhee
4 Narvie J Harris ES Williams, Wranchetta McGhee
2 Oak Grove ES Cooper, Ernestine McGhee
5 Oak View ES Idlette, Barbara Williams
1 Oakcliff ES Berry, Leisa Johnson
4 Panola Way ES Sparks, Jacqueline King
5 Peachcrest ES Butterworth, Jessica Johnson
1 Peachtree MS Hill, Deirdre Millon
3 Pine Ridge ES Jordan, Tawana King
2 Pleasantdale ES Hunter, Sharenia Williams
3 Princeton ES Culberson Bowman, Twana King
4 Rainbow ES Scott-Kaigler, Amanda Williams
3 Redan ES Alexander, Meta Williams
3 Redan HS Pritchett, Patricia Thomas
3 Redan MS Allrich-Lamothe, Emmeline Millon
2 Robert Shaw Culberson Bowman, Twana King
3 Rock Chapel ES Days, Sherron Williams
3 Rockbridge ES Koehler, Anne King
5 Rowland ES Felton, Veronice McGhee
2 Sagamore Hills ES Cooper, Ernestine McGhee
4 Salem MS Rivers, Syette Millon
1 Sequoyah MS Outler, Sharon Millon
3 Shadow Rock Center Montgomery, Karol Woods
3 Shadow Rock ES Penister, Nancy Williams
2 Smoke Rise ES Williams
5 Snapfinger ES Scott-Kaigler, Amanda Williams
4 Southwest DeKalb HS Wynn, Elaine Thomas
3 Stephenson HS Coleman, Keisha Thomas
3 Stephenson MS Walker, LaCricia Millon
3 Stone Mill ES Heaven, Venita Williams
3 Stone Mountain ES Green, Shaunte King
3 Stone Mountain HS Johnson, Adiaha Thomas
3 Stone Mountain MS Williams-Shirley, Diane Millon
4 Stoneview ES Washington, Renee King
1 Tapestry Thomas
1 Tapestry Mitchell, Deborah Millon
5 Toney ES Weirman, Kym Johnson
5 Towers HS Pulliam, Lillian Thomas
2 Tucker HS Buck, Linda Thomas
2 Tucker MS Mitchell, Deborah Millon
1 Vanderlyn ES Peters, Catherine McGhee
5 Wadsworth Butterworth, Jessica Johnson
1 Warren Technical HS Poulos, Deborah Thomas
4 Woodridge ES Warner, Tanyana Williams
1 Woodward ES Heaven, Venita Williams
3 Wynbrooke ES Williams, Wranchetta McGhee

Parent Resources

Dear DeKalb County Families:
As the Executive Director of Special Education, I want to welcome you to the DeKalb County School District. Please know that the Special Education Department is committed to providing the most appropriate educational programs for your child.

We have a dedicated team of professionals to assist you. As part of this dedicated team, I am pleased to introduce you to our Parent Mentors: Alexandra Wright and Linda Williams. Their contact information is found on the Parent Mentor website at http://www.parentmentors.org. Select Our Mentors, Find a Mentor and choose DeKalb County.
Parent mentors work to build effective family, school, and community partnerships that lead to greater achievement for students, especially those with disabilities. At the school, district and state levels, these partnerships are essential to the success of parent mentors and ultimately to the enhanced outcomes for students and their families.

Parent mentors partner with parents to support them in becoming more engaged in their children’s educational programs. They share information, encourage participation in IEP meetings, and help identify needed resources and services. In schools, parent mentors partner with teachers, administrators, and other school staff to integrate family engagement into school and district. They are here to help and encourage you to reach out.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and interest.

Chezia A. Calloway
Executive Director

Special Education Services and Supports: The GaDOE Division for Special Education Services and Supports includes programs and services that support local school districts in their efforts to provide special education and related services to students with disabilities.

Parents’ Rights: GaDOE webpage containing Parents’ Rights, Parents’ Rights videos (in English and Spanish), and Parent Information Fact Sheets.

Parent Information Fact Sheets: GaDOE webpage containing fact sheets on a variety of topics, from assistive technology and discipline to making sure your preschooler starts on a path towards high school graduation. These fact sheets are also available in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish Vietnamese.

Parent to Parent of Georgia: Parent to Parent of Georgia offers a variety of services to Georgia families impacted by disabilities or special healthcare needs.

Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership: The Parent Mentor Partnership was founded in 2002 when six school districts partnered with the Georgia Department of Education Division for Special Education Services and Supports to hire parent mentors to infuse family engagement into school and district activities. Mentors provide information to parents of students with disabilities to assist them in navigating the special education system and in identifying activities that could help improve outcomes for their children.

Student Success: Imagine the Possibilities: The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has required that each State Educational Agency (SEA) develop a State Systemic Improvement Plan that includes a comprehensive, multi-year focus on improving results for Students with Disabilities! Each state must develop a plan that will outline the development of strategies to increase state capacity to structure and lead meaningful change in Local Educational Agencies (LEAs). While the primary focus of the plan is on improvement for Students with Disabilities, the State must also address in its SSIP how the State will use its general supervision systems to improve implementation of the requirements of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Georgia will implement a systemic plan, “Student Success,” in FY16 to improve graduation outcomes for Students with Disabilities.

Dispute Resolution: There are several ways to come to a resolution in a dispute with the district over the rights and services afforded to students with disabilities and their families. The quickest and most efficient method is to contact the Executive Director for Special Education. The Executive Director can often assist a family to work out the differences with minimal time and conflict. When a resolution cannot be worked out locally, there are processes guaranteed to families of students with disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). These include (1) formal complaints, (2) mediation and/or (3) a due process hearing.

The mission of parent mentors is to provide information, support, and encouragement to the families of children who receive special education services and to the professionals who serve them.

Who are Parents Mentors?

Parents of children with disabilities, who are employed on a part-time basis by the school system.

What do Parent Mentors do?

  • assist families and educators in locating information and resources
  • provide workshops for parents and educators
  • provide confidential support for parental concerns and questions
  • provide a parent’s perspective to educators

More information: 678.676.1897

Student Records

To receive a copy of the student’s record, a written request with the signature of the parent(s), legal guardian(s), or student (if eighteen years or older) is needed to release records. A trained surrogate parent assigned by the special education department may also sign the request. The request should include the address and phone number of the person requesting the record. The request should be forwarded to the special education records office by mail or fax.

Special Education Records Office
East DeKalb Campus
5839 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
678.676.2027 (fax)

Parent/guardian consent is not required prior to disclosing student records/information to the following:

  • parent(s)/guardian(s), or eligible students
  • other school officials, including teachers within the Local School System (LSS) or legally constituted cooperating agencies (e.g., psycho educational programs, regional education service agencies (RESAs), or shared services) when access has legitimate educational purposes
  • in connection with a student’s application for or receipt of financial aid
  • to organizations, with the written approval of the Superintendent, conducting a study on behalf of an education agency to develop, validate, or administer predictive tests, to administer student aid, or to improve instruction (information will only be available to those conducting the study with all personally-identifiable data destroyed when they are no longer needed for the purpose of the study)
  • to accreditation agencies
  • in compliance with a judicial order
  • to authorized state or federal representatives evaluating or auditing federally supported educational programs
  • to the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights
  • to officials of other schools or school systems in which the student seeks or is eligible to enroll, upon condition that the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) (1) be notified of the transfer, (2) receive a copy of the record if desired, and (3) have an opportunity for a hearing to challenge the content of the record
  • to a department of human resources (DHR), department of corrections (DOC), department of juvenile justice (DJJ), or department of labor (DOL) for the purpose of making appropriate education decisions
  • for any use or purpose other than meeting a requirement under this part

Questions and Answers

Parent(s), legal guardian(s), the student (if eighteen years or older), or a trained surrogate parent assigned by the special education department may obtain a copy of the student’s record at no cost.
Parent(s), legal guardian(s), the student (if eighteen years or older), or a trained surrogate parent assigned by the special education department may sign the “Authorization to Release” form.
Any and all records collected, maintained, and/or used in providing a free appropriate public education. This typically includes the individualized education plan (IEP), eligibility report(s), and assessment information if applicable.
Special education records are maintained until the records are no longer needed for educational planning purposes (i.e., student graduates with a high school diploma, reaches maximum age, etc.) and are destroyed in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) procedures.
Requests for records are usually processed within a week.

Child Find Requirements

Do you know a child who may have a disability?
Can Child Find help?

Have you heard of the Child Find mandate? It’s a legal requirement for our District to find children who have disabilities, or who may be suspected of having disabilities, and are in need of special education services.

Child Find is a federally established, comprehensive system designed to ensure that all children with a disability receive a free appropriate public education.
The DeKalb County School District maintains an active and continuing Child Find program designed to identify, locate and evaluate those children residing within the District’s boundaries who may be in need of special education and related services.

Children with disabilities from birth through age 21 are covered by Child Find. These children may be enrolled in a DeKalb County school, attend a preschool, Head Start or day care center, or attend a private or parochial school located within the District’s boundaries. Children who are home schooled, highly mobile, migrant, or homeless are also covered by Child Find.
The DeKalb County School District offers comprehensive special education services to eligible students ages three through 21 years. Children from birth to age three with developmental delays or disabilities will be referred to Babies Can’t Wait, Georgia’s early intervention program for infants and toddlers.
A referral can be made by anyone who has a concern about a child’s development. All referrals are considered confidential and the parent retains the right to refuse to provide consent for an evaluation.

Public school services include screening in the area of suspected disabilities, such as hearing, motor skills, communication, and general development. Evaluations target the “whole child,” including learning disabilities, speech and language development, physical impairments, vision or hearing problems, mental retardation, emotional disturbances, autism/pervasive developmental disorders, traumatic brain injuries or other health problems.

We offer a full continuum of services for all eligible students enrolled in the DeKalb County School District and for those students who are home schooled or enrolled in a private or parochial school located within the District’s boundaries. Services are provided at no cost to the family.

If you know of a child you suspect may have a disability, please urge his or her parents to contact:
The local school for school-aged children,
The Preschool Diagnostics Team at 678-874-6024 for three- and four-year-old children, or
The Special Education Department at 678-676-1809.
Child Find Flyer


transition manual

The purpose of transition is to assist students with disabilities to build the skills and supports they need to successfully reach their post-school goals.

The 2004 reauthorization of the Individual with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) changed transition services to a “results-oriented process” that is focused on improving the academic and functional achievement of the child. The IDEA also requires the individualized education plan (IEP) team to include “appropriate measurable postsecondary goals based upon age-appropriate transition assessments related to training, education, employment, and, where appropriate, independent living.” The state rules for special education require that transition plans be in place prior to the student entering ninth grade or by age sixteen, whichever comes first.

The transition service plan (TSP), formerly know as individual transition plan (ITP), serves as a guide to assist the student, the family, the school, and community service agencies to formulate a plan that will assist with transition from school to adult life.



Office/Programs Phone Number
Dr. Chezia Calloway
Executive Director
Department of Special Education
Assistant Director, Budget & Human Capital 678.676.1892
Assistant Director, Compliance 678.676.1892
Assistant Director, Professional Learning & Specialized Instruction 678.676.1920
Assistant Director, Special Projects 678.676.2378
Coordinator, High Schools 678.676.1920
Coordinator, Middle Schools 678.676.1894
Coordinator, Elementary Schools 678.676.1809
Coordinator, Intellectual Disabilities 678.676.1893
Coordinator, Speech-Language & Related Services 678.676.2030
Coordinator, Low Incidence Programs 678.676.2069
Coordinator, Preschool Programs 678.676.1896
Coordinator, Student Records 678.676.1802

Mailing and Physical Address

DeKalb County School District
East DeKalb Campus
5839 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

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