The goal of the grants office is to assist in identifying a wide range of potential grant funding sources, acquiring grants and securing collaborative partnerships with organizations to enhance educational opportunities that support district-wide initiatives and the district’s strategic plan. Students greatly benefit from grant funding and partnerships, whether they are in-kind or monetary donations, provided by our collaborative partners and other organizations.

Name of GrantRecipient of Grant Funding and or Grant Period Purpose and Benefits
Project Learning Garden/Captain Planet Foundation Marbut Theme, Henderson Mill, Hawthorne, Oakcliff Traditional, Chapel Hill, Dunwoody Elementary, and Chesnut Charter 1 year Strategies for building effective and long-lasting garden-based learning programs aligned to state and national standards: Installation of cisterns
Virtual Learning Lab - Personalized Learning CREST-ED - Georgia State University and DCSD Partnership 5 Years Personalized learning and virtual learning lab for students to increase academic outcomes
Improving Teacher Quality GSU - Dr. Joseph Feinberg/DCSD Partnership Feb. 2016 - March 2017 Professional Learning Economics Teachers- Focus Intl Econ Domain
GOSA Reading Mentors Oak Grove & Brockett 1 year/Language and Literacy specialist assigned to the school to provide coaching State Language and Literacy support; LLSs will conduct on-going coaching meant to provide teachers with a practical approach to data-driven instruction and allow school leaders the ability to monitor and support implementation of best practices.
DeKalb Board of Health/Centers for Disease Control Kittredge - Sumi Jayamaran $5,000 3-D printer
Improving Teacher Quality State Grant Georgia State University Dr. Christopher Tullis Dr. Eliseo Jimenez $60,000 Professional learning to improve teaching practices and student learning
HBCU-Up -- NSF Spelman College/DSCD $350,000 Increase the completion of BS degree in Computer Science among African-American women; Partnership with Spelman College
DeKalb Board of Health Grant Ms. Safiano $5,000 SHAPE Grant
Capstone Publishing Matching Grant Frances Bishop - Teacher Librarian Idlewood ES $4,500 The matching grant allowed Ms. Bishop to add 296 ebooks to the library collection
James Patterson Scholastic Reading Club Grant Martina Claritt - Teacher Librarian Narvie Harris Trad Theme School $3000 and 3000 points from Scholastic Reading Club The grant will allow the school to expand the literature selection in school libraries Jenny Holloman - Teacher Librarian - Redan Middle School�raised $581� $581 Donors donated $581 to help Ms. Holloman�purchase books for her book club.
Target Field Trip Grant Anja Tigges - Teacher Librarian - DeKalb Early College $700 Fund field trips for students
Atlanta Teaching Tool Grant Brenda Hornaday/Brockett Elementary $500 Grant funds provided to foster teacher's STEM efforts Brensda Hornaday/Brockett Elementary $2,533.32 We Love Science - $1,066.96; We Love ART and STEM - $185.96; Researching in hopes of Finding Cures - Future MD'S Club - $391.39; Hooked on Books - $205.20; ELL Students Need Helop with Phonics, Please! - $457.28; Please Help us Learn to Read - $226.53