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About PDS-TV24

PDSTV-24 is an educational access channel operated by the DeKalb County School District.

The channel is available to Comcast subscribers in DeKalb County on channel 24.  The station is also simulcast online at www.pds24.tv.  The webcast can be viewed on a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone with internet access.

PDSTV-24 is proud to be a leader in educational access television by being among the early adaptors of providing live TV you mobile devices.  Imagine shopping, running errands, or getting off work and riding MARTA while watching a live board meeting in progress.  This unprecedented access to PDS-TV24 is now available.  Are you out of town during that important meeting but still want to be informed?  Not a problem.  As long as you are connected to the Internet you are always connected to your school district and your child’s education.


PDS-TV24 airs a variety of programs that provide a transparent view of the district and how it operates:

  • Board Meetings – All open Board of Education meetings are broadcast live as they occur.  This is the district’s way of making the meetings accessible to as many people as possible.  All regularly scheduled, Monday meetings are rebroadcast on the following Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. and shown 4 times a day, everyday for at least one week following the meeting at 6:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, 6:00 p.m., and 12:00 midnight.  After that meetings are archived within the next week and placed on VOD at www.pds24.tv for your viewing convenience.
  • News and Events – Throughout the school year, PDS-TV24 shows features and responsive programs highlighting students and their academic successes.  These programs range from three minute cover stories to full length program such as the District Spelling Bee.
  • Student Programming – PDS-TV24 works with the students in the district to produce programs that feature students and highlight topics that students are concerned about.  “The Bridge” is the most ambitious of these programs to date.  Formatted like a morning show, “The Bridge” features content produced and written by students from DeKalb County.  The purpose of this program is to connect student to pathways for success.  The show does this through interviews with community leaders and through students sharing life experiences and facts on researched topics.

Our broadcast schedule changes every Wednesday at 6:00p.m. and runs for one week.  If the program you are looking for is not playing at a time that is convenient for you, look for it on VOD at pds24.tv or on our YouTube page. You will find many of our titles posted there.


Broadcast programming is only one aspect of the ever-increasing services provided by PDS-TV24. We are fully positioned to meet the rapidly expanding communication needs of the school system.

  • PDS-TV24 is responsible for the broadcast and audio/visual system design at the Administrative and Instructional Complex. This environment includes a multi-camera system, advanced audio routing, and remote lighting system that were all created by PDS-TV24 staff.
  • Technical and broadcast services for all major district-wide events including hearings, the state of the system address, Board of Education meetings, and many others.
  • Emergency weather and school closing notifications.
  • Video-on-demand of all major public events.
  • DVDs and promotional materials developed for Human Resources, Teaching and Learning, and public relations.
  • Photography for official functions as well as online profiles of Board of Education members.
  • Assessments of audio/visual and video production needs for local schools, including engineering and maintaining video production systems for schools.
  • Partnerships and increasing parent/student awareness for opportunities to advance student achievement and promotion.

Video On-Demand

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To request support from PDS-TV 24 for events or special
projects, please contact the Department of Communications
at communications@dekalbschoolsga.org or 678-676-2462.