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Frequently Asked Questions

School Choice and Charter School  Applications will be completed by PAPER applications for New Students at the local schools. 

Students NEW to the District in the following School Choice programs: SB10 and HB251 is the exception and will complete an Online Registration application via OLR website or at Support Center.

The Districtwide School Choice and Charter school applications will NOT be processed with the OLR application for the 18-19 school year – District Decision.

An online registration system allows parents to register new students, when and where it is most convenient for them, and in just a few minutes. Parents will have the ability to enter the student’s information and securely upload documents.
Only parents and guardians designated with legal rights to student records may use the online registration system.
The online registration process allows a parent/guardian the ability to complete the registration application with the following forms and tasks prior to visiting the school:

  • Parent Contact/Demographic Info
  • Student Contact/Demographic Info
  • Emergency Contact information
  • Health Services & Physician information
  • Medical & Mental conditions information
  • And more
No. Only NEW students should be registered using the online registration system.
Yes, parents have the option to upload documents into the online registration system. If you are unable to upload documents, you will need to bring the documents to a online registration center.
Yes. Parents can register multiple students in a household at one time.
The new student online registration process takes approximately 20-30 minutes.
Applications can be saved if more data entry is needed and reopened at a later time and NOT submitted.
If you are experiencing technical difficulties or have questions regarding the OLR application process, please contact the OLR Support Centers either East DeKalb Center @ 678-676-1839 or McNair High School @678-676-0907 or 678-676-0923.
Once the online registration process is completed, parents will receive a receipt confirming their registration application has been submitted. Parents have the option to print the Online Registration Summary for their records. In addition, parents/guardians will receive an email confirming the registration process has been complete. (There will be a delay between initial submission and final processing)
No. In order to make any changes to a submitted application you will have to contact the OLR Support desk to complete registration.