Local Diploma/Graduation Appeal Form

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An individual (hereinafter referred to as “Student”) no longer enrolled in a Georgia public school and who previously failed to receive a high school diploma in this state or was denied graduation solely for failing to achieve a passing score on one or more portions of the Georgia High School Graduation Tests or its predecessor or the Georgia High School Writing Test or its predecessor may petition the local board of education in which he or she was last enrolled to determine the Student’s eligibility to receive a high school diploma pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 20-2-281.1 based on the graduation requirements in effect when the Student first entered ninth grade.

Student’s Current Information
Student’s information while enrolled in DeKalb County School District.
Contact Information
Transcript and Diploma will be mailed to this address.
Upload a scanned/copied image of your government issued photo identification. Incomplete information will delay processing.

Maximum size 40MB. Please note your image must note be more than 40MB or else the upload will fail. Acceptable image formats are as follows: jpg, jpeg, and png.

The diploma and transcript will reflect the name at the time you last attended a unit (school) of the DeKalb County School District.
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